Action and Reaction in our Lives

Today I was sure that, to that maxim: the Law of Return (understand that there is no religious and / or philosophical connotation in my statement), but the realization that ordinary situations, which are part of our life, can transform for good or for bad, it depends on our choices.

Why is it that, many times, a problem that seemed unavoidable, is solved in a calm way and, other situations that are even common, become a true “battlefield”?

Very simple: the way we see problems, that is, instead of having a “reactive” attitude towards the other person, being receptive, listening to the other with good will and even the tone of our voice, can make the difference.

Even when we exchange messages, through social networks, the terms used can correct an adverse situation, transform it into something pleasant or start a series of conflicts.

As with every action, there is always a reaction, even if it is an unexpected silence, let us do our best to make our lives an "oasis" of PEACE, instead of an endless, "FIELD OF WAR".

Do you know that maxim, which many see as a utopia or even a certain unreasonable conformism: “I prefer to be happy, instead of being right”? How about putting it on our priority roll?

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.