Adoption: an act that goes far beyond love

Adopting whatever the title is, it is always an act of pure love. Be it the adoption of an animal or a person. Adopting requires someone to be willing to have another life in their care, contributing to their personal growth, it is knowing that they will have a great responsibility on the other, since this choice is something spontaneous, nobody is obliged to do so.

Adoption An Act of Love
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Adoption means to welcome. However, in our country, the adoption process is quite complex, bureaucratized and, as in everything that is done in this way, the slowness that hinders progress prevails and, in this way, adoption becomes in many cases a true “via crucis“.

However, a Senate Bill no. 369, from 2016, is in progress and which intends to amend Law no. 8,069 of July 13, 1990 (Statute of the Child and Adolescent), to provide for the intuitu personae adoption (in consideration of the person) by proving previous knowledge, conviviality or friendship between adopters and the natural family, as well as for children over two years of the emotional bond between adopters and adopting. In fact, if such a change is approved, it will “sacrament” something that, in practice, has already become part of the adoption processes.

Unfortunately, thousands of children and adolescents are relegated to the background in orphanages without a structure that provides them with quality education and medical assistance to guarantee their good health.

And, there is a very cruel chapter to this story: the preconception, because many couples have as a maximum assumption, newborn children, white, if possible, blond and with light eyes, that is, true “Europeans"And / or"american“, Totally out of our reality.

Adoption An Act of Love for a Homosexual Couple
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Personally, I met an orphanage called Mello Mattos Maternal House, located in the Jardim Botânico neighborhood / RJ, where I met children of all ages and ethnicities, brothers, who were often separated, because whoever was willing to adopt managed to do it in a certain time with one of them, but because of the reigning bureaucracy gave up on each other, and once again a family relationship was broken. When adopters had more solid financial conditions, they often returned to the orphanage to find the brother who was left behind and, thanks to this act of welcoming, the emotional bonds were rescued.

I sincerely hope that this state of affairs will change, urgently, so that an increasing number of children and adolescents are given the chance to have their lives rescued from a sad state of abandonment, to a full and happy life.

Adoption An Act of Love and Eternal Happiness
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I see adoption as something that should be pleasurable, regardless of the situation in which it occurs and the adoptee can often reach you through the most unusual paths, such as: a family member, friend, acquaintance, stranger, a stepson, who in the end of accounts he becomes more of a son even than that of blood ties, as happened to me.

And, please, prevent feelings like fear, prejudice, opinion of others - not least because in many situations, the opinion of others has nothing to add - make you give up fighting for the right to exercise the sweet and rewarding craft of being rewarded with joy of being parents, I recommend it to anyone who wants to add a little more excitement to their lives.

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.