Today is the birthday of Sonia Ideias

Today we have a more than special birthday boy: the blog Sonia Ideias, developed and inaugurated on the exact day March 31, 2013, source of pleasure and joy for me who love to read and write. Well, like every birthday boy happy for another birthday, today is PARTY and also thank my readers, for another cycle that is completed.

Sonia Ideias Blogger
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Without wanting to be "Mushy": first to Juan de Souza, because it was thanks to this creative teenager that the blog "was born", mine mom, who, even though he was not physically among us, left me with so many wise lessons, that dreaming is necessary - always - because, without dreams, we cannot imagine and without imagining, we cannot create!

To all those who appreciate me reading, giving opinions and / or enjoying the articles (enjoyment is also good) and to some who suggest themes to me in a very cool way, and even to a person, who is very loved by me and by Juan, who serves as a source of inspiration, but being smart as he is, will understand that this is what I'm talking about.

3 years of the blog Sonia Ideias
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At "Defeats", should serve to strengthen our spirit of determination, overcoming, knowing that the greatest victory is to never give up. During this journey, I see that the decision to open another “niche” of activity was a great success, which has given me the opportunity to learn, to interact with people who stimulate me with their comments, suggestions, criticisms (they are necessary to maintain feet on the ground), trying to keep the focus on subjects that deal with controversial or mild themes.

Now, let's sing congratulations and, wish this blog many more years of life, that we may continue to share with people, the desire to renew ideas, seeking to make a difference. Taking advantage, soon, we will return with our traditional podcasts, in iTunes and in SoundCloud.

Thank you! 😉

My name is Juan, I'm 20 years old, I'm an entrepreneur, investor, blogger, streamer and podcaster. I was very proud to start my first business at the age of 10 using a limited connection in Brazil, specifically in an inland city.