Inauguration of the Christmas Tree in Lagoa

The Lagoa Christmas Tree, is an event that is already part of the Christmas calendar of our beloved Wonderful City. The tree, reaches its 19th edition and, as always, impresses not only for its look, but also for its dimensions: 85 meters high and 542 tons, the equivalent of a 28-story building. Live broadcast! 🙂

Inauguration of the Tree 2014
Image source: O Globo Newspaper

This year, the shows that will brighten the party will count on the participation of the Fundação Bradesco's Choir, by actress Laila Garin (who lives the great singer Elis Regina, in the show Elis, the Musical), in addition to the Barra Mansa Symphony Orchestra, from singer Simone and the Lima Family.

After, the show of these artists, will start another one, equally beautiful and grand: the magnificent and imposing Christmas tree will be lit and, I can guarantee, because, I have already gone through this experience, the show is worth every minute. It is something to be kept in memory (literally).

This year's theme will be “A Christmas of Light" and, light, is what is needed by all humanity, in all senses. THE light, where we all came from and that should be part of our whole life, outside and inside our body and, mainly, our mind.

The beautiful narrative will be told through 3.1 million micro lamps that will illuminate the tree, bringing the story of a light cycle: first it will be the stars, then the representation of the light of the rising sun, followed by the light of the setting sun. , which will pave the way for the appearance of the moon and its four phases: new, growing, full and waning.

Inauguration of the Tree 2014
Image source: O Globo Newspaper

Then, the candle lights that illuminate the families' houses will appear, and finally, the flashers, so known and admired by adults and children, and green and gold ornaments to celebrate the arrival of “A Christmas of Light”.

However, we must be aware of the changes that will occur in the region's traffic and that, as we know, will be impacted by the event in the South Zone, as it has been happening every year. As an example, we have Rua Humaitá, Rebouças Tunnel, Rua Mário Ribeiro, Acoustic Tunnel and Zuzu Angel Tunnel. The City Hall recommends that they give preference to public transport.

Those who want to use the subway must use the Cantagalo station. Metrô Rio, will create a bus line integrating the General Osório station to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in order to facilitate the arrival at the place, on the opening weekend and the closing of the Christmas tree operation. Aside from that, more than 30 bus lines, from all regions of Rio, will pass in this area.

Singer Simone, in an interview with G1, declared that: “my Christmas is here, because I always celebrate a month before, at the tree”. The lights will be turned on at 8 pm, with all the good that this party always provides due to the atmosphere of harmony among the people who move to attend its inauguration.

Above all, it is worth the magic and the message of hope brought by the event, something so beautiful and that at the same time serves to remind everyone that the spirit of Christmas, is above "nitpicking" and minor issues, because if it were not so it wouldn’t make sense every year, everyone create the expectation around this party.

We agree that, in each of us, that childlike spirit awakens, accompanied by our naive and multiple memories, which must be kept as a rich and unique treasure, the desire to believe that it is possible to create a more fraternal, just and, therefore, the better.

And you, what did you think of the opening of the Christmas Tree 2014? 😉

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.