The Civil Liability of each citizen

What accompany the articles in this blog, will be asked: will she speak again, in this subject so "boring"? Yeah, I even recognize that it’s not one of the most pleasant topics, but it’s the same as that "medicine" that we take to avoid a greater evil or to cure ourselves of a disease that we want to get rid of (health is good and, everyone likes it).

Civil Liability at the Ballot Box
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So, let's take a deep breath and "Swallow"the medication which, in this case, is the reflection around a theme that many people do not like, although they walk with us on a daily basis. As the 5th of October approaches, through the media, whether written, spoken or televised, every day and, all the time, we have heard about a small word, but it should be “Glued” in everyone's mind, regardless of any situation and / or problem: ETHIC.

It sounds easy, but it is not. Because we all talk about ethics, but do we know what the real meaning of that word is? The being ethical, it is not letting yourself be corrupted or trying to corrupt the other, and really, knowing the limit to interfere in the other's life. That's where the "politics"because it often invades our lives, beyond the limit.

And I give you a very recent example: the decision of the federal government in "watch" the luggage of Brazilians who arrive from trips abroad, even if there is no excess baggage, under the pretext of preventing purchases that can be used to circumvent the payment of taxes.

Our vote cannot serve to endorse the claim of those who run for an elective office with abominable practices, such as buying votes, like: if you vote for me, I'll get you a job in my office and you don't even have to work, just "hit" the point, from time to time, as long as part of your salary is transferred to my account!

And, let's agree if you accept this kind of thing, how can the citizen claim his rights, if and sold them?

Civil Liability and Ethics
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Our responsibility is immense, because our choice will put a person in a position with the power to decide for us and, this decision, will dictate rules that will influence our personal, professional life, in an entire society, and which paths, which we will go go now and that may change the direction of the country and will reflect on our destiny and that of future generations.

So I advise against letting myself be influenced by crazy promises, like: in two years I will solve the problem of urban mobility - even worse - if you are a candidate for reelection, because if he didn’t address this issue in his first term, how will he do it? it in the second?

There is also someone who promises to solve the housing deficit problem, but without saying that this is a matter of design and projects must be done by professionals in the field of civil construction (architects and engineers), even if there is now a technology, which can speed up the process, which is dry construction (Light Steel Frame) but with all the technology, it is necessary to plan and reduce the bureaucracy in the civil construction sector, which in our country is still very “plastered ”.

Brazilian Electoral System
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Now the most important thing is information, to know if your candidate has a political career, consistent with his promises, for example: attendance at sessions (chamber / senate), projects of interest to the people were presented and he endeavored to see them. approved, if you have been involved in corruption scandals, receiving bribes to benefit any sector to the detriment of society's interests, if you have a dignified personal life, because make no mistake, the candidate who disrespects his environment (family / friends / colleagues) work / live giving shame, like drinking and getting caught in the Prohibition blitz, trying to bribe the guard / mistreat employees, be prejudiced, etc.), will never honor the elective mandate you receive, because you will not know how to respect the voter who put in that place.

And, even with all the “benesses ” - the position, one of them, is the so-called "privileged forum“, Believe me he is, first of all, a public entity, a public servant and who has the salary paid by you, my worthy voter.

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.