Energy: how to recreate this concept?

In a constantly evolving world, the way we generate our own energy could not be different. Currently, the simplest forms are precisely those that, over time, prove to be the most revolutionary and innovative. Simple ideas are born from brilliant minds, from people who feed not on the ego, but on collective progress, on the well-being of an entire society.

Smart Cities: Generating Sustainable Energy
Image / Reproduction: EnGoPlanet

In this context, there is something that besides being simple, is fundamental and indispensable to the progress of humanity: electric energy. However, I am not referring to any “energy”, but to that intelligent one, because it is generated through a clean source, which preserves the environment, making life much better.

Currently, innovative technologies increasingly seek to “manufacture” clean and renewable energy not only in the domestic, commercial, industrial sphere, but also in the streets, parks and schools.

In addition, the savings generated can result in another kind of benefit: the money saved can be used for research to create efficient mechanisms to supply the demand for a commodity as precious as electricity: water, which flows the serious risk of missing if we do not know how to look at this challenge, with the seriousness it requires.

However, the good news is that there is already a company looking for and finding a solution to provide us with a better life: EnGoPlanet.

The video that we now reproduce, serves to let them know a little of the work of this company and the benefits generated by it.

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With information from the portal “Engadget“.

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