Freedom or lack of it?

What bothers most, is the almost total lack of freedom to come and go, which is already part of the routine of most Brazilians. Newspapers, periodicals and news headlines are there for those who want to see and understand that even when the news, due to the flood of bad facts, is forced to “summarize”, the incredible world of violence that plagues the country, we were scared trying to absorb, but failing, so much bad news.

Freedom does not exist in Brazil
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If for many this is something common and commonplace, for me, to live surrounded by bars, to walk in the streets looking over my shoulders, like: is someone following me trying to reach me? who knows with what intention? I say that it is unacceptable, that we have to keep devising itineraries to go to places along the paths less "assailants”- all right, I created the term now - inspired by indignation! And to wear a better “outfit”, the beautiful accessories that we dream of, and that we spent months gathering our sacred money to buy is, at the very least, to risk going home without them.

People, just like every good citizen, I try to understand this cruel math, which we have, but I still haven’t succeeded: a country with one of the biggest tax burdens on the planet, with speeches from governments trying to “calm us down” saying that everything will change for the better . However, when I try to convince myself of this, there comes one more of the unpleasant surprises, precisely, from the highest body of the judiciary: the STF's inexplicable decision to have the prisoners compensated for the poor condition of the prisons, creating a precedent for a flood of actions. In addition, one of the biggest problems in this area, overcrowding, in the view of the sector's authorities, can only be equated with the construction of more prisons! And, the money for this, where will it come from? Perhaps, from funds destined for schools, hospitals, public security, transport? It is a question to which, I believe only those authorities have the answer. And, I fear also for the use of the “creative” mind of our managers, to create this “extra budget”!

Although divergent among some Ministers, the decision gives ordinary citizens the feeling that something is out of order. It is understood that we all have the right to dignity, even those who are in prison for having been convicted of a crime. And, we who are trapped in this “chain” of fear, scared, and even curtailed in our right to make a simple journey from home to work. And what to say, of those who often do not return, because they were victims of urban violence. For the principle of equality and justice, wouldn't they also have to be compensated? And, the families, who lose their loved ones, due to a “war” that seems to have no end, what compensation do they have?

Freedom does not exist in Brazil
Image / Reproduction: The day

In my view, what has to be contemplated, with URGENCY, it is the obligation of the State to fulfill its role, which is to invest the money collected from the citizen in: schools, housing, basic sanitation, public health and safety, encourage public / private partnerships, for the construction of ports and improvement of the road network (to run production efficiently, it is necessary), thereby creating jobs and resuming growth.

Instead of improving the “dungeons”, as mentioned in the title of the report, we must strive to create citizens in conditions to have a dignified life, especially children and adolescents who are the future of any country that intends to be a nation, for everyone, and not just for a segment of society. In fact, there is no need to be a “genius”, to know that education is, without a doubt, the only way to keep people out of the way of life generated by the lack of perspective.

Well-educated person, equal to the person with a chance of decent work, decent work, equal to the happy and well-paid person, in conditions to have a good house, aim and carry out their life projects, adding up all these factors, less easy prey for the deviation from the world of crime, corruption, people aware that a more just society will generate a better country to live in, knowing that violence will have everything to lose in this “dirty game”, which only benefits part of society, and that in the roulette of inequality, it gains the economic power that gives them the conditions to give the cards and win, always.

Grids on buildings in Rio de Janeiro
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Like any citizen who wants to be happy, without having to choose the way to the airport (if you can get money for such an exit), I suggest: 'tax collection”Primarily for: health (public network with trained / well-paid professionals), schools (with decent paid teachers, with an incentive to qualify, through publicly funded scholarships) police (treated with respect, well trained, with a decent salary), and not with mere bonuses, often below what can be called “bonus”. Less: fleets of fuel vehicles, paid for by public coffers, less advisors and commissioned positions, nababescent salaries, travel allowances, corporate cards, extended benefits to their families, “caviar”, sophisticated restaurants, different pensions with unimaginable values above what they receive the simple mortals even with years and years of contribution, and so many other benefits that we know about through the media and that are seen by the beneficiaries, as something “fair and due”, as if the money to finance them did not come out from the pocket of the ordinary citizen, who works hard to pay taxes, in everything and for everything, including one of the most cruel and “invisible”, which are those generated by everything that is bought in this country, to name just one of them, the taxes on food.

The working population, I'm sure, wants the same as me: live without bars, as a means of protection, to be free to come and go, without fear of being robbed and, often, counting on the “luck” of getting out of such a situation, without having to give up being well dressed, thanks to the your job. Believe me, I think the end of the world, having to submit to not using what I like, for fear of attracting the thief's greed. Being able to visit one of the most democratic and healthy leisure areas, the beach, which should belong to everyone, but which often belongs to the trawlers. Attend cinemas, theaters, bars, restaurants, travel the roads of this immense and beautiful country, without fear of being surprised by a shootout and, more trawlers.

Enough: let's fight for the right to be free, light and free.

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.