The harmful effects of bureaucracy on our lives

Well, I believe that at some point in your life, you faced an almost insurmountable “obstacle”, capable of making you give up on going forward, but also with a feeling of helplessness, asking yourself: Why? For what? It is so meaningless, so absurd, that you cannot believe that “this idiocy” is going to cause me so much trouble. It is very “backward”, in the middle of the 21st century, the year of grace in 2021, it makes you want to cry!

Do you know what the picture I described above refers to? To the infamous Bureaucracy, cousin sister of backwardness and corruption, which impedes the progress of any country, makes the people prisoner of ill-intentioned people, who often make use of the positions they occupy, whether within the scope of public or private companies.

Sometimes, the bureaucracy, it is so cruel leads me to think that, such an obstacle, it is purposeful for the country to stop in time, for people to give up undertaking, to help and, even in some situations, to leave and fulfill an obligation, as , for example, making a payment, just so that the citizen is punished by paying fines and interest, in addition to compromising his budget and, most importantly, taking away the peace of mind of the person, who keeps asking himself: how do I honor my appointment? What if it tells me to miss the professional opportunity I have been looking for for a long time?

I know that, some people, when reading this article, will say: wow but how much exaggeration, it is not so much, blah, blah, blah… However, see if, in the middle of the Technology, Artificial Intelligence era, it makes sense, to hear a an attendant tells you the following pearl: “lady, the system is not allowing me to send the invoice to your e-mail, you will have to go to one of the Company's branches, to get the ticket to pay, on the due date.

The naive creature then asks: “due to the pandemic, to avoid exposing myself, can I ask someone to get the ticket from one of the Agencies? Here comes the answer, proof that the Burrocracy / Bureaucracy is cruel: "yes, as long as you do a Power of Attorney, that's right, a Power of Attorney with a recognized signature". Can you believe in such absurd size? You see, the person wants to pay and the company creates this obstacle, can you understand?

It is just a small example of how cruel the bureaucracy is. And, worst of all, is to know that this cruel enemy of progress, is in many places, creating unnecessary obstacles, because, if it were not so, corruption would not be endemic in our country, that is, they create difficulties, to sell facilities. Progress yes, honesty, yes, each one fulfilling his duty, yes.

The day that, we fight together, against this terrible disease, which goes hand in hand with the backwardness of the country, with the difficulties created to prevent the prosperity of good citizens, to hamper the development of companies and, even, to the improvement in quality of education, of the health system, we will be a country synonymous with progress and, the people, true citizens.

And, just to begin with, let us believe in our ability to be masters of our will, to no longer accept being slaves to obstacles created to be bargaining chips, on the counters of the dishonest and pseudo saviors of the Fatherland. The day when, the people, become aware of the strength they have and which, moreover, is translated, in CF / 88, in its article 5, which says: “all power emanates from the people and in their name will be exercised”. Shall we exercise that power?

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.