The incredible world of Sharks and Stingrays

Sharks, rays, appeared on the planet approximately 400 million years behind. Currently, there are more than 510 species of sharks and 650 of rays. However, despite the numbers, very little is known about these enigmatic and elusive fish. Thinking about it, I decided to write this special article to address the curiosities about the world of sharks and rays. Check the result in full!

1 - Scalloped hammerhead shark

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark
Image / Reproduction: BBC Earth

The scalloped hammerhead shark usually likes to swim alone. However, large groups of these animals with such an unusual shape have already been observed in underwater mountains, where the males perform a “dance” of the mating taking position in the center of the circle.

2 - Stingray mobula

Stingray mobula
Image / Reproduction: BBC Earth

The stingrays of the genus mobula, are recognized for their impressive acrobatics of jumping out of the water - sometimes at a height of 3 meters. Until now, no scientist still managed to explain what is behind the feat. A dazzling spectacle occurs when several specimens of these stingrays come together to mate.

3 - Port-Jackson Shark

Port-Jackson Shark
Image / Reproduction: BBC Earth

Prehistoric in appearance, the Port-Jackson shark is found only on the southern, eastern and western coasts of Australia. Its teeth are small and pointed, and flat and wide at the back, which helps it to break and grind carcasses of its prey. In addition, females produce spiral-shaped roe that measure up to 15 centimeters in length.

4 - Great White Shark

White shark
Image / Reproduction: BBC Earth

One of the most feared, the great white shark is a unique predator, but it also has a sociable side least known. Several groups of sharks come together and use body language to communicate with each other, resolving conflicts in domain relation.

When searching for prey, the great white shark impresses with its speed, which can go from 32 kilometers per hour. Sometimes they come out of the water to reach seals. The element of surprise is an important part of this shark's strategy, which swims from below to grab its prey. Despite being the most feared sharks, there are few attacks on humans.

5 - Carpet shark

Carpet shark
Image / Reproduction: BBC Earth

With an eccentric appearance, the carpet shark is found only in the waters north of the Australia, at Indonesia and on Papua New Guinea. Its spots help it to camouflage itself and quickly snap up its prey. Your "beard”Can act as bait, since it resembles small sea creatures. This is how he draws victims close to his mouth.

With information from the portal “BBC Earth“.

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