9 Islands that have recently appeared in the world

Nature, like the human being, often causes a transformation to occur in such a high degree that a new life is born of this "revolution", even more surprising, if that is possible. The statement can be proven through the emergence of nine islands that I will discuss.

1- Hunga Tonga

Islands that emerged in the 21st century
Image / Reproduction: IBTimes UK

The submarine volcano erupted in late 2014, for the second time in less than 5 years, and a cloud of smoke rising from the Pacific Ocean turned into a rocky island almost 2 kilometers long and 90 meters high. A month after the eruption began, the island joined another that already existed in the region. After two months, it was still warm and attracting birds, which started to make their nests.

2 - Sholan and Jadid

Islands that appeared on Planet Earth
Image / Reproduction: IBTimes UK

In the Red Sea we have the Zubair archipelago, which belongs to Yemen. In the year 2011, the small island of Sholan emerged after 25 days of an underwater volcanic eruption. In 2013, Jadid appeared on the map, after 54 days of eruption. Both decreased in size due to erosion from waves and wind.

3 - Nishinoshima

Islands that appeared on Planet Earth
Image / Reproduction: IBTimes UK

In November 2013, an eruption created the small island of Niijima, located a thousand kilometers south of Tokyo, Japan. By the end of 2016, it merged with the island of Nishinoshima, which originated with the eruption of this same volcano. in 1970. The island had its original size tripled and the expansion of the lava was registered until October 2015.

4- Zalzala Koh

Recent Zalzala Koh Island Island
Image / Reproduction: NBC News

In the year 2013, in Pakistan, the province of Baluchistan, suffered an earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richther scale that left a tragic trail of destruction. However, this phenomenon of nature resulted in the appearance of a small island of mud near the port city of Gwadar, caused by the emission of methane gas that pushed up part of the rocky and muddy bottom of the sea. Known in the place as Zalzala Koh, or “Earthquake Mountain”, there is a forecast that it will disappear soon after the cooling of the gas that originated it.

5 - Home Reef

Home Reef Island Curiosities
Image / Reproduction: All That Is Interesting

It is a temporary island, as over the past few years it has appeared and disappeared several times. The island, is caused by volcanic eruptions near Tonga and last emerged in 2006, having disappeared entirely about 2 years later. In 2015, an eruption occurred, which could have resulted in a resurgence of the island, which did not occur.

6 - Norderoogsand

Norderoogsand Island Information and Curiosities
Image / Reproduction: All That Is Interesting

In 2003, a sandbar started to appear in the North Sea, off the German coast. Ten years later, it already occupied the space of 30 acres, (unit of measure) housing more than 50 different species of plants and birds. The picturesque fact is that this type of island, arising from sandbanks, tends to disappear after more severe storms, which has not yet happened with Noderoogsand.

7- Tugtuligssup Sarqardlerssuua

All about Tugtuligssup Sarqardlerssuua
Image / Reproduction: AGU Blogosphere

In Greenland, the Steenstrup glacier has retreated about 10 kilometers in the past 60 years, in the face of climate change. Such an event revealed islands hidden in the ice sheet, including Tugtuligssup Sarqardlerssuua, which could be compared to an anchor for the glacier. Currently, without this kind of shim, the glacier tends to retreat more quickly, showing the possibility of other islands that may be hidden in Greenland.

8 - Kavachi

Kavachi Island Curiosities
Image / Reproduction: Solomontime

It is one of the most active undersea volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean and has given rise to the island of the same name at least nine times since 1939. The last known, emerged in 2002, but was eroded (erosion) by waves in less than a year. The 2004, 2007 and 2014 eruptions failed to recreate it, but according to oceanographers, this is a matter of time. What remains of the ancient islands, serves as a shelter for countless species, including sharks and rays, which face the hot and acidic waters around the volcano.

9 - Roomba

Roomba Island Curiosities
Image / Reproduction: NBC Bay Area News

In California (USA), Lake Pinto witnessed a strange phenomenon after the storms caused by El Niño, in the beginning of 2016. It is that a half-acre piece of humid area covered with trees broke free from one side of the lake and remained floating in its waters. The inhabitants of the region have coined a name for the floating island of Roomba, which has been housed in a land bank and should settle on it or possibly disintegrate, if it fails to take root.

Faced with so many “emergences” of islands, there is no denying that the transformations created by the immense capacity of nature, can and should serve as inspiration to believe that with each passing day, human beings, if they want, can also use this example , to recreate themselves making their lives and an entire society something innovative and much better. And, getting out of sameness is always good, because any transformation can serve us as a life lesson, and lead us to improvement, born of the decision to overcome our imperfections.

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