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Look, when I think I've seen everything, I find that I haven't seen anything yet. To be appalled is not enough, because with each passing day, another bombastic news literally leaves my jaw dropping! When we had the slightest hope that the country would be recovering with the possible growth of the economy, companies starting to hire, our image improving in the eyes of the world, the return of investments, a greater awareness of public officials.

Reflection of Brazil's High Taxes
Image / Reproduction: AgraNet

In addition, the hope of punishment for crimes of corruption (CAR WASH) under the aegis of the judge Sérgio Moro, and many other judges, public ministry with his tireless attorneys, federal police active, multiplying to “account” for so many others “operations“. Let there be breath, to carry out so many warrants, order of coercive arrest, search and seizure, but ... .., there is always a but in history. And, then we are introduced to a new chapter of this novel, where only a few characters change, the “plot", It gets much worse, and without a prediction of"happy ending“.

I have always tried to be optimistic, stripped of prejudice, seeking to have a critical view of people and facts, without judging. However, this time, it doesn't work !!! Being non-partisan does not mean being alienated, because we like it or not, we do politics every day. I have never been raptured by political parties, there are 35 (thirty-five), the quantity does not mean quality. It is each one wanting to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit.

It's that maxim, Nothing is so bad that it can not get worse: we saw it in color and live, the president Michel Temer, in a recording in which we witnessed a dialogue between him and the businessman Joesley Batista, mentioning how important it is to take care of a politician's family, - the former deputy Eduardo Cunha - arrested, but “happy”, that is, money buys anything: mansions, big cars, trips, works of art, conscience and even “happiness“.

THE BNDES, created by Law No. 1,628, of June 20, 1952, aimed at financing investments in infrastructure, small, medium-sized companies and the agricultural sector, that is, leveraging the economy for the benefit of all Brazilians. See the chart below:

Reflection of Brazil's High Taxes
Image / Reproduction: BNDES

Now, that same bank serves as “bridge”To link dishonest businesspeople to politicians alike, pushing their companies to a gigantic level, as in the case of JBS. Growing this way is easy, I want to see it grow in such a gigantic way, only at the expense of a lot of work, overcoming obstacles, such as: a very heavy tax burden, without any tax incentive that benefits sectors of the economy indispensable to job creation, such as services. Because the SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), no longer rely on a greater release of BNDES financing, so that they could be "transferred" to support large economic conglomerates?

However, I want to make it very clear: I do not share the view of radical leftists, who accuse big companies and their leaders, that they are the big ones “guilty”Due to the country's situation, I don't like radicalism, having a radical view is very dangerous. I see it as the best path, that of balance, without generalizing. I disagree with those who claim that every businessman is an exploiter, all Brazilians are dishonest, and I even dare, even at the risk of being naive, to believe that there are some (few) honest politicians.

My incredulity and I believe that, of the majority of Brazilians, is the fact that even in the midst of so many complaints, so many people arrested, with so much bad news: unemployment, public servants without receiving a salary, broken health and education, precarious security, millions and billions stolen with such ease, as if they were cents, were not intimidated and continued to practice all sorts of "maneuvers" to perpetuate themselves in power. The "power", which gives them the right to appropriate an entire nation.

Alegria dos Brasileiros - Joy of Brazilians
Image / Reproduction: Manoel de Brito

Question that does not want to shut up: and now, do what? The situation, should lead us to a responsible reflection: we reached this impasse, because we did not do the “homework”And we chose to continue with that old“philosophy“, The famous Brazilian way, which led us to this“chaos“. To demand changes, we first have to change: stop finding it natural to advance a signal, drive under the influence of illicit substances, disrespect others, pass bribes to public entities, skip the line, circumvent public contests. Anyway, wanting to take advantage of everything and everything. We will demand changes, not letting ourselves be carried away by false promises, everything that comes easy, goes even easier. On Sunday, at a newsstand, I heard from a teacher who teaches classes at a public school in São João de Meriti: “Our worst illiteracy is political”, sad finding.

There is no magic solution and there is a long road to travel. The size of the "hole" in the public coffers is still unknown, hopefully that the "surprises”Stop there. At the end of all this confusion, what will the future of Brazil be like? Removal of the President, indirect or direct elections? And who can lead the nation's destinies, with honesty and commitment to “turn the tables”And be our partner in a new direction? Hopefully we know the right way to go, I believe there is still time to recover and recover the country. I believe we have come this far and we cannot go back. For that, the support of every good citizen is essential, so that the investigations can continue, with the punishment of the culprits regardless of position, position, as well as the return of the money “preyed” by a gigantic gang that took over the national scene . And that all this horror that we are going through, serve as a lesson for us not to accept back to power the executioners of the past, nor of the present, dressed as good boys, with their “social benefits”, which in most cases are used as a bargaining chip, passing on the idea that keeping them in power is the best way to a dignified and happy life.

Hope of our beloved Brazil
Image / Reproduction: Right Girls

I am going to leave a real message here of what I think and feel, even with all this “drilling“: Brazil, is a country blessed by GOD, and that is why I believe that if we unite, let go of the heavy baggage of selfishness, think more of each other and hold hands, we will emerge from this crisis more strengthened and become a great nation, where we can all say, without fear of making mistakes: “I’m Brazilian, very proud, very loving”. The country thanks you with all its heart.

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.