Shall we wrap up?

Shall we wrap up? It's my people, this is an invitation to everyone who knows how important it is, to live in a fairer society, which means to me, a more harmonious and happier society.

However, what is the meaning of the verb, to wrap? At first, it means welcoming, sheltering, warming those who, unfortunately, out of luck, spend their days outdoors, without a coat to protect them from the cold. In this context, there are people and entities, who do a beautiful job, collecting donations (I invite you to donate, as I do), walking the streets, distributing warm clothes, saving lives, but also distributing human warmth, looking to the underdogs, showing affection and the hope that better days will come.

However, donation goes far beyond warming up, and even nourishing the body, as many of the entities and groups of people distribute food. It is very important, warming the soul, giving affection, looking at the other, with respect, compassion. The underprivileged, in many cases, are abandoning the streets, due to a total lack of option: unemployed who have lost the minimum condition to pay rent, or even because they cannot maintain their home, even if it is their own, without being able to buy food , clothes, that is, without the minimum condition that every human being must have to feel, people.

Without demagoguery, or any intention of giving a moral lesson, I invite everyone who has the privilege of having work, house, food, a family, someone who gives you affection and love, to look around with great attention to those who do nothing they have their own and that, for sure, they would give everything to have a life with a minimum of dignity. Starting to "wrap up" the underdogs, not only with clothes and food, but also by donating a little of their time, welcoming with affection, with a look that can convey to the other, a message that means: look at me, because I'm here for you, because just like mine, your life, is important.

Some will say that many are living on the street, by choice, but this does not reflect the reality of the majority. When you pass these people, don't just look at them, learn to listen to them and, whenever possible, help. If not in a pecuniary way, a word of encouragement and respect, believe me, can make all the difference. And, what's more, look inside yourself, and feel how this “energy exchange” will make you feel very good. The “warm coat” is not only dressing the body, but also the soul, the sensitivity of the other, which can make all the difference, I know that, from my own experience.

From a person I know, and who donates his time and money, to warm up, I heard the following statement:

"Many times, when extending a plate of food to the underprivileged, they look at me and, from that look, comes the message: thank you, but help me get off the street, help me get back to being someone for real."

I wish to many that they can donate, as far as possible, more than clothes and food, also a look that conveys compassion, a look of real warmth, an exchange of love, respect, the hope of a better world.

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My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.