Making the impossible possible

The theme is not one of the lightest, but for the sake of citizenship and for wanting a better world for me and, being impossible without improving the lives of other people, who make up our society, I dare to have as a model of this premise, the report of the O Globo newspaper Sunday, January 22nd.

Example of a good prison in Brazil
Image / Reproduction: O Globo Newspaper

The focus is on a chain in Paracatu - Minas Gerais - 200 kilometers from Brasilia, where there is a magnificent job based “on three pillars - work, religion and discipline - at the Association for the Protection and Assistance of Convicts (Apac Paracatu). The place, a modern building “built and maintained by the prisoners themselves, without armed police….”. The secret? inmates work, study and are called “recoveries”. The question, which does not want to remain silent: why, this model of jail, which recovers, where people condemned for the most diverse crimes live, at a cost much lower than that of the other jail (in this case, each prisoner costs R$ 915.00 and, in other R$ 4,500 per month) and which maintains an agreement with the State Secretariat for Social Defense, is it not adopted throughout the country?

The word idleness, in this place, has no time. Those who arrive there from other institutions, in which violence and corruption prevail (cell phones, drugs and weapons do not enter chains if there is no collaboration from outside and inside as well, as already proven by the authorities of the sector) at the first moment , feel a shock, comparable to someone who comes out of a dark hole and finds himself in the sunlight.

When reading the article, it is evident that success also depends on two people: the director, Eurípedes Tobias and the lawyer Vanessa Pinheiro who is the disciplinary hand of the inmates, and so present, to the point of escorting prisoners. Cleanliness everywhere, including in the mind, removing from these men the bad crust of the crimes committed and that put them in that place. The teaching of important and fundamental values to make the person a good citizen, such as respect, study, work, proves that recovering people is not only possible, but also a question of intelligence on the part of the authorities.

Exemplary prison in Minas Gerais
Image / Reproduction: O Globo Newspaper

We also have the story of an “ex recovering” convicted for many years and who today is the coordinator of an entity that recovers convicts, and advises the 50 Apacs already installed in the country and who even participated in a meeting in Italy, “where he took the Brazilian experience ”and according to the report, two Apacs units are being built in the Italian city of Rimini.

The moment we watch the news, the rebellions in several states, overcrowding, extreme violence, deaths, despair and hopelessness, authorities wanting to build more chains, freeing up funds to maintain a system that is proven to be bankrupt and unsustainable, will it not be that this “ crisis ”, instead of serving as ammunition to exchange accusations and excuses, should it serve as an opportunity to follow the excellent example of Apac de Paracatu?

The script of this horror "film" can and must be changed and depends not only on the authorities, but on a whole society, starting with parents when they educate their children without showing that the good thing in life is to be honest and hardworking and that loss of freedom is a very high price even for those who think they are powerful for planting the seed of corruption, of the constituted authorities who assist everything in a complacent way, for convenience and / or collusion.

Prison in Minas Gerais
Image / Reproduction: O Globo Newspaper

However, I believe that it is still time for us to change this situation for the good of all who live here and for future generations, under penalty of not doing so, not having a possible future, nor a society that deserves that name, nor a country to be entitled to be called a nation.

For those who are interested in maintaining this state of affairs, it is good to remember that if we continue to follow this road, there will no longer be a path that leads to an exit either for the incarcerated or for those who live outside the prison walls, because the unbridled violence will cause so that there is no more freedom even to live day to day, and we will be prisoners in our own homes as is already the case in many cities and even prisoners of our conscience because we have not even tried to avoid such a situation.

Important detail: this chain is 200 meters from Brasília, better known as “capital of power“, In other words, it doesn't take a great exercise of intelligence to know that more than money, a more responsible look and true commitment is needed to change this chaos for something that produces beneficial results, because, the model of how to“ do ” it is one step closer to those who can and can create a more efficient and humane prison system, simply copy the example, exchanging the bad for the good!

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.