Nature #16: Beauties of Australia

THE Australia, one of the best countries in the world to live according to various sources, including a publication by BBC News, which made me look for the reason for such a statement. As I am driven by curiosity, in particular, the one that makes me want to “unveil” places and cultures different from ours, we will “travel” to land of kangaroos.

Beauties of Australia List
Image / Reproduction: National Geographic

Beautiful, very beautiful in all senses, Australia has been granted the magic of the unexpected: to nature lovers, I suggest a walk along the famous Overland trail in Tasmania, through the lush seclusion of the Gold Coast, or to explore the Blue Mountais in Six Foot trail.

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Discovering the swamps and waterfalls of Kakadu National Park, home to a third of all birds in the country, is also an excellent option.

Red Center

Australia Red Center Image
Image / Reproduction: National Geographic

For the local Aboriginal people it is sacred and, the place, offers us magnificent colors from sunrise to sunset and there are still other sacred places in the immense region of Australia. Uluru's cousin, Kata Tjuta, is just 40 kilometers away and we can find Kings Canyon near Alice Springs. The landscape is completed by lush cavities with water in the rocks, red dusty roads and huge rocky slabs.


Kimberley Australia Image
Image / Reproduction: National Geographic

“Take over” a dromedary and take the path to Cable de Broome beach and fly over the towers of the Bungle Bungle mountain range. Do you like adrenaline and adventure? So I suggest a cruise on the great Lake Argyle and see waves higher than a building in the Buccaneer archipelago. It is worth going further and taking a four wheel drive vehicle along Gibb River Road, passing through powerful gorges and rivers, or follow a red dirt trail from Broome to the remote Dampier Peninsula and, finally, we are in Kimberley, world of vast horizons, charming rock pools and golden beaches.

Big coral reef

Barrier Reef Australia Barrier Reef
Image / Reproduction: National Geographic

In this place, we can swim, dive - the delight of contact with water that is a powerful source of renewing energy - and also sail through the Great Barrier Reef, considered a World Heritage Site and a true living masterpiece of such magnitude, that it can be view from space.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Australia Island
Image / Reproduction: National Geographic

On this island we can find pink pelicans, seals lying on the sand in Seal Bay and koalas sleeping in the trees. We can sit on sand benches and admire groups and couples of little penguins making their pilgrimage to the Penneshaw coast. The good suggestion is for them to buy fresh produce - from Ligurian honey (the culture that was strongly rooted by Australians), to free-range chickens and eggs and wine produced by 30 winemakers between Cape Willoughby, Cape Borda and Cape du Couedic.

I suggest you try to stay in traditional accommodation and try to get to know some of Australia's first lighthouses in Cape Willoughby, Cape Borda and Cape du Couedic. If you like to swim in an environment that makes you feel the delicious feeling that “the place is mine and nobody else's”, swim on the secret beaches in Stokes Bay and fish in Emu Bay.

To complete the quest for adventure, take a car ride surrounded by lush landscapes to the underground caves at Kelly Hill Conservation Park and Remarkable Rocks at Flinders Chase National Park.

Australia's Rainforest

Tropical forest Australia
Image / Reproduction: National Geographic

Forests are considered a World Heritage Site, extending across the country and have all kinds of climate. We also have a flora that dates from the period of the dinosaurs in the Gondwanan rainforest, near Byron Bay. And we can find the monsoon forest in Kakadu National Park and magnificent ferns in the Otway mountain range, in Victoria. In Australia there are some of the oldest and largest stretches of rainforest in the world, and to explore such riches and give yourself a chance to be enchanted.

Great Barrier Reef, QLD, Acropolis, Coral Sea

Australia Natures
Image / Reproduction: National Geographic

Try to explore the reefs of Capricorn and Bunker with the dive operators from Gladstone harbor or stay on the islands of Heron and Wilson. On the Fitzroy reef, you will find a large protected lagoon filled with starfish, crab corals and many marine treasures. If you like to dive, one of the best current diving spots is at the Wistari Reef, swim through the huge cave of Harrie's Bommie or try to discover less explored reefs that are close to the Keppel Islands, in Yeppoon. And, good advice: sea turtles that nest and hatch their eggs every night between November and May, at Mon Repos Conservation Park.

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In the face of so much beauty and natural wealth, we can only thank you with great love for this gift, which is Australia: a country that brings us back to that well-known maxim, that is, it is one of the places we must know before we leave this world .

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With information: National Geographic
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