Podcast #01: Carnival 2014, Greve dos Garis and Blog News

This is our first podcast, as everything that is new will certainly still be far from ideal, but certainly with the continuation, we will be able to make it even better. Now we try to make a brief presentation of the changes made to the blog and, in particular, that readers will also be able to interact through comments with audio, since previously they could only do so by email.

We opened a small “agenda” to talk about Carnival. However, we focused more on the issue of the strike of street sweepers who, by the way, protested by giving a great lesson in civility, that is, at no time did they break, or attack anyone.

Meanwhile, of the other protests we cannot say the same. In addition, we consider the claim of this class as laborious and essential to the functioning of any large or small city in the world to be relevant.

Music: The Who - Baba O'riley (YouTube, Firefly)

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