I posted, and run away

It is my people, it will be good that we all begin to reflect on the paths that we really want to take. Come on: do you know that song "Caution", written by Eduardo Costa? The lyrics are a real warning sign about the direction that a country called Brazil is taking. All the joy that has always been one of the “trademarks” of our people has suddenly turned to sadness, but that can at least be, again, hope for better days.

However, it is very up to us to change this “plot”, starting by choosing our leaders. Okay, I give you two options: or be like the cattle that, tangiously, follow the pawn, with their heads down because that is their natural gift, that is life, and it always will be. However, there is another way, to be like the river that flows freely into the sea because it knows what it wants, like everything in nature, it knows how to make its choices, without having to be guided or tamed.

Oops, some will say where did I get such ideas? Well, the reality is there, just don't see anyone who doesn't want to. The country, beautiful, rich in natural beauty, but with a people being guided to attend the interests that are not theirs. The pandemic, just a “little flu”, and many buying this fallacy, following the command of the pawn.

Wake up people, please take charge of your life, demand to be treated like human beings, respected, with a will of your own.

Do you know that maxim that is part of our Constitution? That, "All power emanates from the people and in their name will be exercised". Do I need to draw? You know that story of the person who, has all the power over his life, has everything to conquer the world, but decides to settle down and give up everything, just so he doesn't have to work, study, persevere, be the “ugly duckling”, by instead of the winner, the Prince who achieves all his goals and who likes good music (this one by Eduardo Costa - CAUTION)?

Well, with the author's license, which I admire a lot: “be careful” my people, or you will become authors of your destinies, or you will continue to be “guided” by this Absurd Festival, which has the power to guide the people , to serve their own interests, and still pose themselves as heroes, victims of circumstances, when something ends up going wrong.

Blaming others for the mistakes that affect the country, especially those that cause so much damage to the nation, whether for the health of the people or the economy, is easy, it is difficult to have the courage to assume mistakes, correct the course. However, there is a way out: WAKE UP MY PEOPLE, let's put the block on the street, with the following plot: “Now the people who rule here are the people, because it was we who, with our votes, put them where they are, but for the good everyone and not to serve the interests of those who call themselves “owners of power”.

WAKE UP MY PEOPLE, with a lot of responsibility, a lot of unity and, above all, with a lot of awareness that it depends on each one, to make this Brazil, a great nation, where everyone has the chance to have a dignified life, but knowing how to claim their rights , ever.

I HAVE SAID. And, before I forget, I'm "running" until now.


My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.