Life as it really is!

It is more or less a topic that can be forgotten by most people, because it is uncomfortable, because it is difficult to accept, because in a way, it brings us close to the harbinger of the end, not only of life, but also of opportunities, the standards of exterior beauty, the freshness of youth, the distance from professional success and, the lords of the job market believe that, memory, no longer gives them the conditions to “remember”Of the simplest questions and, the worst, that they cannot even learn, update themselves, keep up with the speed of daily discoveries in the digital world.

The prejudice, then, is not even mentioned: many point the accusing finger, saying “look at that old lady, dating, getting married, wearing a bikini, thinking that she has the right to enjoy the delights of nature, driving? Look at the danger, they can cause an accident, and what old man needs a car? Get a bus, taxi right away, it could even be an app, if the old man knows what that is!

However, the prejudiced on duty, forget a small detail: youth is transitory, but “old age” is eternal. Opis, look at me there too, letting me be poisoned by prejudice! My grandmother, a good-looking revolutionary when she heard someone calling "old man", said: "old man, it's rag". And sometimes, the rag is for something, it can be useful to clean that grease from your hands, if your car needs to change a tire, on a road in the middle of nowhere!

And, a separate chapter, joy, good humor, knowing how to seek solutions to unsolvable problems at first sight, teaching the youngest paths never taken before, such as creating a shortcut to touch someone's sensitivity, which can be even a love deemed lost due to a stupid little fight. How good it is to know that it is never too late to learn and teach, to give and receive love, affection, to contribute with the experience of a lifetime, with precious knowledge to boost the progress of the company in which you work or if you have already stopped doing it, helping a child or grandchild with professional secrets that only the baggage of many years of life can give.

Living with the family is also something that can become quite complex. The elderly, depending on how they relate, may feel rejected, useless, sad, if they listen to the memories of youth, getting one step away from an unwanted depression. However, it doesn't have to be that way, it can be the most pleasurable phase of life, if you know how to live the here and now, dedicate yourself to the joy of cultivating new friendships, making trips to places never before navigated, because, without being stuck in times, this will now be allowed. Seeking to learn a language, turning to the world of the arts, painting courses, performing arts, technology, fashion, meditation, yoga, the possibilities are endless.

No obligation, lots of joy and pleasure. Health, the greatest wealth of the human being, if cared for forever, will never abandon you and will be your great ally. There is a wrong theory and embraced by many that the elderly, cannot attend gyms, play sports, that they should use drugs continuously, beat the doctor's offices, but it doesn't have to be that way. Healthy eating, periodic checkups, which, by the way, should be part of our lives, regardless of age, because health is the basis for a happy life, it is a wise attitude to take care of it.

There is no recipe for a good life, and if anyone has one, please tell me. I do believe so, that there are some “ingredients” that can result in a very tasty “sauce” and not let that in mature age, we fall into the temptation to become boring people, the kind that nobody wants to have around, namely: it is it is forbidden to play the victim, just to get attention, complain about everything and everyone, hide the desire to have a good laugh, afraid to look ridiculous, avoid going to the beaches afraid to expose that little body, say, not too sexy, stop to go to gafieiras or any other temple of good dance, to refuse to have an active sex life (which does a damned good thing), with the excuse that I am no longer in the age for “these things”, which is a lie, because a good sex life, is one of the greatest inventions I know.

Joy, good humor, a life cultivated with love, wanting to help people, actively participating in political life, promoting research in all fields from the world of exact, philosophical, artistic and cultural sciences, where it is written to be exclusive attributes of the youngest?

Word from those who managed to discover themselves full of joy, willing to learn more and more, to make laughter easy, their trademark, even in the most difficult moments, to the point that many ask me: creature you have no problems, you are always with that face of blatant joy that gets to be irritating? Of course, like any mortal, I have problems and many times there are so many that it is difficult to know where to start, but in this long journey, I have learned that whatever they are, not everyone depends on me to reach a solution, to leave in hands of GOD, it is the best choice for being the CREATOR of all of us and the wisest, considering that when I was raised, it gave me the order to take care of my life as best as possible and that getting sick because of problems would make you very angry with me and that if i see myself as someone who loves GOD over all things, at the very least, i have a duty to never doubt him.

Ah! if I have bad days, in a bad mood, wanting to throw everything up and disappear? Yes, of course, but then the question comes to me: if life is a gift, how can I throw away a gift I received from someone so special? It would be, say a tremendous lack of education !!! And, by the way, my mother taught me that being well-educated is fundamental and indispensable to open up, let's say, many doors to success, be it personal or professional!

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.