Insight #03: The importance of BELIEVING to SEE

Is the world in turmoil? The crisis has definitely settled in the Brazil and in many other countries - the France it is with its protests and high unemployment rate - and then I ask: what direction should we take, believe that everything is lost, give up, throw in the towel, or go against all that, see ahead believing that the can life give us a chance to win, to make our dreams come true, to build a new society and to be transformers of our own history and why not say, of the world?

The Importance of believing in our Dreams so that they become Reality
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I learned the lesson from a person, who was the synthesis of optimism, positive thinking and who always said pointing to the central part of his forehead: “our life, it's here”. The wise creature was my mother. She was a true teaching and learning “school” because, in addition to passing on her knowledge to people, she was always willing to learn, she was someone ahead of her own time, both personally and professionally.

The words, discouragement, sadness, withdrawalthey were definitely not part of the vocabulary of this brave and “queen” woman of optimism. And don't think that her life was easy, because it wasn't. She was born a fatherless, since the age of 13 had to start working during the day and studying at night, at a time when this was considered a real rarity and, worked until the age of 76, that is, it was 63 years doing one of the things he liked most: working. And, the people complaining about the minimum age to retire! My mother would find this, at the very least, hilarious and look that she worked without worrying about the clock, with total dedication, for hours on end, hated lazy people and kept complaining about everything, including the boss.

The Importance of believing in our Dreams so that they become Reality
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I will try to pass on to you the notions that I received of how much I want something or help someone, it has everything to do with the way we use our mind. If not, let's see: generally, when we want something we are endowed with the idea that we will only reach our goal by seeing things take a turn that indicate that we have everything to work out. However, my mother did exactly the opposite, that is, she said "I can already see myself living in the place where I want to, I know I will make it". She projected in her mind, the objective, already accomplished regardless of the degree of difficulty, no matter how much she had to fight, the mind worked in her favor.

Several times, I saw someone who approached her saying that she wanted to reach a goal, that she really needed to improve her life, but ended by saying: “if GOD wants, I will make it… then she would fight back with the following sentence:“GOD wants, who doesn't know how to want is you“. And, even with my beloved daughter, she did not admit pessimistic attitudes, much less negative thoughts.

The Importance of Believing
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A thousand years may pass, I will never forget it when I came home after a terrible day with such a problem, which I had been trying to solve for more than a year, without success: I will give up, I can't take so much pressure. My mother looked into my eyes and said: "you give up too easily", this impacted me in such a way that, even today, when I think about giving up, I lack courage! Needless to say, I managed to solve this problem, persisting, struggling, with an awareness of the importance of determination in our lives.

If she were still with us, seeing so much discord, complaint, revolt, fight, pessimism, discredit, especially, of people who do not even believe in themselves, I am sure that she would say: “lack of faith, fighting spirit (in the sense of determination), positive thinking, (the worst is expected, how you want to have the best), love, draw a picture in your mind, with colored paintings of achievements and not with the gray tones of defeats.

The Importance of Believing
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I know it's not easy, but if it were easy, what would be the fun of life if we had everything “on a platter”, the adrenaline of the fight would be lost, I say from experience, because, many times I find myself asking: is it worth it? fight against so many obstacles, seek solutions even losing some precious hours of sleep, try to talk to someone who has a vague perception of what that means, to keep thinking about that person who likes it so much, but who barely takes notice of its existence? At those times, the image of my mother comes to me saying: “you give up easy I taught you that, winner, is the one who knows that the path to an achievement, whatever it may be, is BELIEVE TO SEE, not the other way around. Words of those who got there.

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.