The importance of Happiness

I believe that happiness is fueled by the joy that we cultivate within us. Simple things, like: being alive (this is quite a challenge), being able to see, hear, love yourself, love people, be enchanted with Mother Nature, with a child's smile and they are my passion, (I learn a lot from them) knowing how to be enchanted with the sweetness of the elderly, with their life stories, develop a job that makes us feel fulfilled, with certainty that we are contributing, with our work, to have a better world.

To love a lot, fully, to know how to forget the things that have done us wrong, which must remain in the past, but to intensely cultivate today and to thank the Creator, for giving us every day, the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, so that we our great discovery: that our happiness, born when we come into the world, depends on our choices, on the path we want to take.

Some will say, the world is not a paradise, people are not perfect. However, not only is perfection made by happiness, some obstacles are placed in our path so that as an opportunity to learn to give more value for having learned that we can make choices and overcome difficulties and say: despite everything, VENCI.

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.