The retrogression of virtue

Virtue, a word that is currently somewhat forgotten in this world, and perhaps reason is found in its extensive meaning: what expresses good conduct; in accordance with the correct, acceptable or expected; according to religion, morals, ethics, which follows the precepts of good, of moral norms. If not, let's see: politicians have no qualms about overcoming good practices, but there are still those who observe this precept, are rare.

Corruption in the World
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And, even an organ called TSE, last week, we "Toasted", with a show where the precepts of good and the appreciation of legal rules, were solemnly ignored!

However, it is not only in politics, in the judiciary, that “Lady virtue” so he retreated, and in many sad moments he gave an immense demonstration of retrogression. The demonstrations of affection and care for each other, gave way to the numerous demonstrations of rudeness and aggression, and in some situations of our day-to-day, the three basic words, please sorry and thank you, were replaced by "Grunts" in a bad mood, get out of the way, you don't see that you're disturbing, etc…

Corruption in the World
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The people have also largely ceased to "practice" two great virtues that also contributed to a sad regression of our society: the virtue of solidarity, which makes us want to be helped in those difficult moments, without, however, failing to understand that we must extend this help to others, and the patriotic virtue that leads a people wanting to contribute their work to the nation's progress.

The effectuation of virtue, which does not allow man to become corrupt or to want to corrupt, that is, to obtain benefits through something bad, dishonest, instead of doing it by the oldest method in the world to generate wealth: the work.

Say NO to Corruption!
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And there is another aspect to this magic word - only man has the virtue of thinking. However, in a society that calls itself modern, with very advanced technology, extraordinary discoveries in several fields, such as science, engineering, medicine, to name just a few, oddly enough, man forgets to "think", to look inside yourself and reflect on what your attitudes will cause outside your world, do not think that small gestures can make all the difference, including, for the preservation of the planet, such as not being "accomplice" abominable practices such as burning forests, polluting rivers and oceans, disposing of garbage inappropriately, to name just a few.

In religion, the second of the five choirs that make up the order of angels, are the guardians of human beings, their protectors, for those who believe in their existence, like me.

Corruption Kills!
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The ability to accomplish one's goals effectively, with knowledge and merit, which in my view, can also be called talent. I believe that all of us are born with some kind of talent, although many do not know how to use it, prefer to ignore it, because knowing how to cultivate and develop talent is a virtue.

While I firmly believe that, the virtue, in all its meanings must be cultivated and practiced, I fear that the regression of it, in our days, will end up hurting "death", something that if not rescued, go in the not too distant future, charge a "account" pretty hard to pay because there is no "coin" no matter how strong he is able to overcome it.

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.