What you can laugh, you can cry

Hello guys, today (23/04/2014), in another holiday and there is a holiday, I decided to exercise a little on my side,…. let's say, "ludic". And that happens from observing everyday facts, even from living with people, who deprive me of my intimacy. Come on: the "citizen", tell the son .... "you have to be impartial, be an example.”…

Good and Bad Times
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However, this same gentleman, who points to the absurd of people posting comments with vocabulary pimp, on social media, at the table during meals, curse like that…. very “hairy”! The same person, who criticizes the disregard for the laws… .. exceeds the speed limit, claiming that: “I drive very well, I have control of the machine ah, ah, but did I“ warn ”the vehicle about this little detail”, especially, after skidding around a curve, and almost causing an accident, injuring innocent people, including yourself, even if you're not that innocent?

And yet, the individual who makes himself respectable, but lives on social networks, relating, let us say, in a very intimate way with people he barely knows and, maintaining some relationships, sometimes too much "spicy" for someone who calls himself a "family" father, above all suspicion, considering that the magnificent creature, pretends to be a successful businessman with an image of a "good boy".

Cats Bomb Humor
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And there are also those who preach that education and respect are essential in any relationship and, at the same time, disrespect the people closest to them, even ignoring those basic rules which, from an early age, we are pleased to be introduced to: good morning, good afternoon, good night, sorry, please, thank you, or did I miss something?

And what about the political lords, with their “inflamed” speeches in defense of the rights of the people on the one hand and, on the other, appropriating things that do not belong to them (just look at the scandals that happen almost routinely) as, O allowance and, who knows how many more, we will be treated to news.

And, certainly, my dear readers must be asking, what went into it to create an article, let's face it, so “bizarre”. Simple, because with each passing day, I learn that, if we take seriously, all the facts and, certain people with whom we live, whether in personal, professional, social and family life, we can become bitter, boring, resentful people, pessimists and disbelievers of everything and, certainly, we do not want this to happen to us, because, despite the incongruities of life, if we do not laugh at ourselves, and at others, life, it will become very arid, especially some moments, that we want it or we don’t have to accept it. To name just one of them, the daily news, which impoverishes our minds, with unprecedented violence.

Have a remainder of holiday, if not hilarious, at least mild.

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.