Who is the author

I am, first of all, an optimist, I believe in the human being, in his ability to reinvent himself. As I have always believed in the improvement of society, through good examples, including in this norm to delimit rights and obligations, I chose a profession that I believe to be fundamental for good coexistence in society: advocacy. When I graduated, it was clear to me that I was starting on a professional path that would lead me to help people to seek their rights correctly, respecting the individuality of each one, without, however, hurting the rights of others.

Sonia Maria Custodio

Despite the criticisms I read about the use of laws, some I have to admit, quite pertinent, I still believe that only through their use can we create a more just society. Society as a whole can and should participate in this law enforcement process, and will they question how it can be done? The participation of each citizen is fundamental, first seeking to comply with the laws, if we do not know how to respect them, how will we demand compliance with them?

Monitor and supervise the activity of legislators, because only then will we know if the laws will meet the real and fundamental needs of society as a whole, or just privileging some segments. My philosophy of life is based on the teachings I received from my best friend: whatever my mother is, treat people the way she likes to be treated, cultivate positive thinking (and this when there was not even a fever in self-help books) ).

Do not ever give up, do not complain about life, do not waste time complaining, look for the best way to find a solution, do not judge others, do not waste your time dealing with the lives of others, and do not seek blame when an error occurs.

What counts is knowing how to fix it. However, the most important of my mother's teachings: LOVE, with detachment, without demands, accepting people as they are, that affection heals and cuddles and telling the other how important he is in your life does not diminish us, he just adds, that prejudice is one of the worst diseases that exist, that envy is not only the weapon of the incompetent, but a scourge capable of destroying everything around it, (nor does it come with that “good envy” story, envy is envy, period) .

Look, but none of this makes sense, if we don't believe in the greatest of all energies, FAITH, which is believing, believing to see, instead of doing the opposite. Because if we doubt it, we will be halfway to giving up, giving up, we will never know what awaits us at the end of the path and that defeat will only be part of our lives, forever, if we let it make us give up our dreams, that losing and winning are part of life's game, but regretting why you lost something or someone, no.

Now, I hope that those who access this blog, know that I love PEOPLE, life, I believe that LOVE works miracles and that we can have a very cool exchange of ideas (not only in the legal sense, of course), and that as a lawyer, I can answer questions within the area I chose to work in, civil liability, consumer protection (it will also be an opportunity to continue learning).

To exchange ideas about our daily lives, cinema, television, literature, fashion, (nothing personal, my people), but to boyfriends, companions, friends, parents and children and lovers, here is a philosophy that I was taught and I try to follow in my life (sorry but I was not informed of the author's name) “I leave all the things I love free, if they come back to me, I won them, if they don't come back, it is because I never had them”.

Before I forget, I also have a construction and renovation and construction company, STYLO E ART - Construções Ltda. I believe in its success so much, that I will take a Building Course, a new path in my professional life.

My name is Sonia Maria, I am from Rio, with great pride, lawyer, businesswoman. In my spare time I love reading good books, dancing, traveling, dating. And I am a very obstinate person, I know how to be patient, in fact, patience is essential so that we do not give up on our goals.